FY 22 - F&A Rate Reduction (FARR) Form

* Before completing this form:

Lead Principal Investigator (PI) Information

Proposal/Project Information

* Grants Coordinator Submitting Proposal
* Are the reduced F&A funds being used as cost share?

* Use the information from the "F&A Details" tab in the budget template to complete the following sections as applicable. 

If yes, is the cost share required by the Sponsor?

Section E. should be completed with a negative dollar amount. 

ORCA does not judge the relative merit of externally funded proposals. Therefore, it will not reduce F&A to make proposals more competitive. If a program solicitation, review criteria/matrix, or sponsor reviewed proposal (with comments) indicate that a proposal with reduced F&A will be more competitive, attach evidence along with your written justification as part of the review process. 

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