UNO Research and Creative Activity Internship Program 2024-2025


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Faculty Applicant Information

To work with the faculty applicant, the intern will need to obtain training or approval for (check all that apply)...

Budget Information
Awards of up to $1,700 will be made: $1,200 will be allocated to intern pay and an additional $500 in professional development funds for faculty incentive (up to $1,000). 
You do NOT need to include the $500 of professional development funds in your budget as this will automatically be awarded if you receive funding. 

* I understand that, as the supervising faculty member, I may not schedule an intern for more than 20 hours each week.

Application upload:
Please upload your application as a single PDF document. Applications submitted in other formats or missing components will not be considered for funding.  
All page limits are single spaced and minimum 11 point font
A complete application will include a:
•      Job description (1-page maximum) that includes the proposed project on which the student will assist. This must include the specific duties for the student, the target timeframe for hiring, and a preliminary overview of student hours.
•      Description of how (1-page maximum) the student will contribute to furthering the faculty applicant's research or creative activity.
•      Mentoring plan (1-page maximum) that includes the faculty applicant's previous mentoring experience, positive student outcomes following the applicant's mentorship, and planned mentoring activities. Examples of activities may include meeting once or twice a week, discussing academic ethics, directing students to resources, and guiding them through the research process (from identifying literature gaps, discussing findings, and developing and submitting manuscripts).
•      CV (2-page) of the faculty applicant  

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